Annona Organic Soursop Juice


Are you feeling lethargic from your daily work schedule? Have you ever wished that there is a product that can help refresh yourself and give you the energy that can take you through the next hectic day?

We have a product that can help you with the above problems. Try our Annona juice in sachet form. A whole box contains 15 sachets of pure Soursop goodness. With one sachet you can make yourself a refreshing yet nutrient rich drink. You can even consume it while on the go and it makes it so simple for you to maintain your health.

Ingredients: Soursop, Dates, Honey, Marine Collagen, RO water, preservatives.


Direction of use: 

Drink one sachet once daily on an empty stomach before breakfast or dinner.

Nutritional Facts:

Serving size of 20ml

Energy – 7.00 kcal

Protein – 0.12g

Fat – 0.02g

Carbohydrate – 1.6g

Sugar – 1.08g


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