Al Ejib – Tongkat Ali + Arabic Honey


Al Ejib – Tongkat Ali + Arabic Honey

Ingredients in the product:

1. Tongkat Ali – 10%

2. Arabic Haney – 20%

3. Nigella Sativa (Habbatus Sauda) – 10%

4. Ghee (Cow Oil) – 10%

5. Nutmeg – 10%

6. Other Herbs – 10%

Benefits of Al Ejib – Tongkat Ali + Arabic Honey

1. Helps cure coughs and phlegm in throat

2. Helps prevent fatigue and problems in breathing

3. Helps sufferers of heart and lung disease

4. Helps sufferers of stomach and intestinal problems

5. Helps maintain youthfulness

6. Helps in the production of blood cells and energy

7. Helps treat high blood pressure

8. Helps keep the body warm

9. Helps treat joint and kidney problems

10. Helps improve memory

11. Helps improve sexual drive

*Not suitable for pregnant women and lactating women.



Al Ejib – Tongkat Ali + Arabic Honey

Traditional herbs.

*Not suitable for children, pregnant women and women who are breast feeding their children.


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