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SARIAYU Martha Tilaar – Hijab Hair Mist

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SARIAYU Martha Tilaar – Hijab Hair Mist

Keeps your hair smelling fresh and at the same time keeps your hair black and looking youthful always.

Treat your hair with SariAyu Hijab Hair Mist. It contains several natural ingredients and herbs that can help maintain the health and youthful look of your hair. Below are some of the ingredients utilized to produce SARIAYU Martha Tilaar – Hijab Hair Mist:

  1. Urang-Aring (Eclipta alba), a tropical herb found in Brazil and Indonesia that is well known for its ability to maintain the blackness of your hair.
  2. Mangkokan (Polyscias scutellaria), or also known as the shiled arali, or plum aralia is a tropical shrub reaching 2-6 meters in height. It is native to the Southwest Pacific islands and is commonly grown in herbs gardens. Its leaves and roots contain several benefits. It acts as an antiseptic, a deodorant and help keep your hair healthy and feeling fresh.
  3. Lidah Buaya (Aloe Vera), contains proteolytic enzymes which repairs skin cells on our scalp as well as acting as a wonderful conditioner that leaves your hair feeling smooth and looking healthy and shiny. Aloe Vera have also been found to promote hair growth, reduce dandruff and prevents your scalp from itching. It generally helps in maintaining the condition of your hair so it remains healthy always.
  4. Cabe Rawit (Cayenne pepper) contains Capsaicin and Vitamin C that allows one’s scalp to feel refreshed and maintain scalp health as well as prevent dandruff and hair loss.
  5. Mint leaves (Mentha) contains menthol that helps to sooth and cools your scalp as well as controls oil production on your scalp, eradicating itchiness to your scalp the whole day.

With the other ingredients in SARIAYU Martha Tilaar РHijab Hair Mist, you can be rest assured that your hair will receive whatever it needs to remain healthy and looking all youthful.



SARIAYU Martha Tilaar – Hijab Hair Mist

Complete your hair care regime with SariAyu Hijab Shampoo, Conditioner and Hair Tonic lotion for the a treatment that will keep your hair and scalp in optimal condition.


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