Qu Puteh Mineral Glow Foundation


Qu Puteh Mineral Glow Foundation

Benefits of Qu Puteh Mineral Glow Foundation

  1. WHITENING – Certified for whitening in Korea for clearer and brighter skin.
  2. GLOWING – Applying this product to your face will instantly make your skin look brighter and glowing.
  3. SOOTHING EFFECT – Soothes your skin with supple texture upon application.
  4. SWEATPROOF – Sweat proof formula for clean makeup without excess shine.
  5. SKIN TONE CORRECTION – Clean and bright skin tone that last all day.
  6. SUN PROTECTION – SPF 50+ for flawless and complete sunscreen for both UVA and UVB.

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Method of application:

  1. Clean your face with soap
  2. Dab Mineral Glow Foundation on your whole face taking care that it is evenly applied.
  3. Enjoy your new youthful and glowing skin!


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