ByHerbs – Black Jack Men Herbal Complex (Contains Tongkat Ali)


ByHerbs – Black Jack Men Herbal Complex (Contains Tongkat Ali)

As a man who wants a high quality of life and who wants to maintain optimum performance as real men, consume BlacjJack supplement. It will help you achieve what you are looking for.

Black Jack is a natural herbal Tongkat Ali supplement.  The supplement consist of 2 types of Tongkat Ali, namely Eurycoma longifolia Jack and Polyalthia Bullata King (Tongkat Ali Hitam) blended in balanced quantities with the best results in mind.

Both herbs originate from South East Asia and are in high demand in Western countries especially the United Kingdom and the United States among others. The high demand that Tongkat Ali enjoys is due to the simple fact that Tongkat Ali does what it is supposed to do. Namely, it helps in the production of Testosterone in men and with that comes several health benefits.

Read the description of the product below for more information on the benefits of Tongkat Ali.


  1. “In the past my body feels weak and I feel this way especially in the legs. I would tire easily and I feel like this after taking a few steps up the stairs. After taking Black Jack (2 Bottles in all) I can feel the positive effects and the difference that it makes. I feel fresher and more energetic. I no longer exhaust myself easily after going up the stairs. In the past, I use to get little sleep due to my work demands. After that I would usually feel very tired and I feel a lack of energy in my body. However, now, after taking Black Jack, even if I miss sleep for 3 days, I still have the energy to work and to be great in bed. Black Jack have also helped me in weight loss.” – Osman Bin Idris, 53 years of age
  2. “My body always feels weak in the morning and I experience a lack of stamina when at work. I also experience some pain at my hips. However, after taking Black Jack, my body feels lighter and I am more energetic when I wake up in the morning. My stamina have also improved and I am now able to carry out my work with ease. The pains that I feel in my hips have slowly ease away. I am very satisfied with this product even though I have only just recently taken it.” – Azmie Abd Rahim, 37 years of age
  3. “In the past my body feels weak and I experience body aches too. I feel weak when I wake up in the morning and my joints give me problems too. After taking Blak Jack for about 3 weeks, my body feels lighter and I do not experience the pains I used to like in the past. I feel fresher in the morning and full of energy now. I am a satisfied customer.” – Encik Din, 53 years of age
  4. “In the past I experience pains in my legs and I have problems squatting. I also have a weight problem. Now, after taking Black Jack, I experience lesser pains at the balls of my feet and I no longer have problems squatting down. My waist have also trimmed and I experience some weight loss too. My stamina have also increased and I am feeling more energetic now!” – Abdul Rahman Bin Daud, 59 years of age
  5. “My body feels weak every time when I reach home after work. That was in the past before I take Black Jack as a supplement. Now, I no longer feel weak anymore. In fact, i feel more energetic even after a whole days work. I am satisfied with Black Jack.” – Md Hafez, 40 years of age

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ByHerbs – Black Jack Men Herbal Complex (Contains Tongkat Ali)

Tongkat Ali (Eurycoma Longifolia Jack) – It is a traditional herb and is well known for its health benefits and health giving properties centuries ago. Scientific lab experiments have also shown that Tongkat Ali is able to help increase testosterone level in men by 500%. 

Benefits of Eurycoma Longifolia:

  • Improve sexual desire and stamina
  • Improvement in stamina and energy levels
  • Improvement in blood circulation
  • General well-being enhancement
  • Helps to burn excess fats in the body
  • Controls sugar & cholesterol level in the blood
  • Helps strengthen the body’s natural immune system
  • Helps prevent malaria and contagious virus infection

Tongkat Ali Hitam (Polyalthia Bullata King) – Black Tongkat Ali or scientifically known as Polyalthia Bullata King is found in the Tropical rainforest of Southeast Asia. It is a herbaceous plant and it contains a high nutritional value. It helps increase a man’s stamina and physical ability. Scientific research have uncovered that Tongkat Ali contains natural compounds that increases male virility and sexual prowess.

Scientific research have shown that compounds such as Saponosides and Glycosides found in Tongkat Ali Hitam provides numerous health benefits and it includes:-

  • Helps improve blood circulation.
  • Helps increase testosterone level and the production of testosterone in men
  • Helps increases energy and stamina
  • Helps in the production of sperm in men
  • Helps overcomes sexual dysfunctions
  • Helps control cholesterol levels in the blood.
  • Helps prevent heart problems and high blood pressure
The Black Jack supplement does not contain any chemical products or any chemicals that can harm the human body. There have been reported cases of men suffering from sudden kidney failure, cancer, etc. due to them consuming “strong medicine” sold in the market. The supplement that we have here works to improve the natural abilities of the body and is made up of natural ingredients to ensure safety when consuming the supplement.
It is important to take note here that an increase in sexual energy must occur naturally. An immediate and instant result is unrealistic and can be dangerous. You should avoid consuming supplements that are labelled as ‘powerful’ or it offers “instantaneous” results as these products can contain harmful chemicals.

How to consume Black Jack: – Consume 2 capsules in the morning and 2 capsules at night. Do this for the first 1 to 2 weeks. For subsequent weeks consumes 2 capsules at night to maintain your stamina and it is to be taken after meal. For individuals with with weak sexual energy or men’s issues, consume 2 capsules 3 times a day after a meal for the first 1 to 3 months. For subsequent weeks, consume 2 capsules once a day after a meal.

Black Jack is not meant to give an immediate effect as the formula is 100% extracted from 2 types of Tongkat Ali. It contains no additional chemicals to act as sexual stimulants. You will be able to feel the effects after a week of consuming it.

For patients with high blood pressure and diabetes, you are advised to consult your doctor at a clinic or pharmacy. After taking the supplement for about a week or more, you are advised to check again with your doctor for your best interest.


Please do not exceed the recommended daily dose as consuming more than the dosage will NOT help you in any way nor will it increase the effects of the supplement.  Keep out of children reach. Please store away from direct light, heat and humidity. Do consult a health professional before taking this product if you have any health issues as is commonly done when taking any health supplements.


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