Peruvian Black Diamond Maca Honey


Niqmat 100% Black Maca Honey

Of all Maca colours, Black Maca is the rarest of them all. Only 15% of the yearly harvest is made up of Black Maca and it is known to be the most effective for male fertility and libido, muscle building, mental focus and stamina.

Our Black Diamond Maca Honey is made up of pure Hungarian Honey from apiaries located in the countryside and 100% Black Maca Roots which has been traditionally grown on an organic farm, located in pristine parts of the Peruvian Andes Mountains.

Ingredients: 100% Raw Black Maca Powder and Pure Hungarian Honey.

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Genuine Super food, Product of Peru

Peruvian Black Maca Honey Origins


Raw Hungarian Honey with Peruvian Black Diamond Maca

This is a very nutritious product and contains Black Maca from the high Andes Mountains in Peru. The Maca in this product is organic and provides several benefits to both men and women.

Athletes and body builders use Maca to provide extra energy for their training routines and to give them more strength.

Below are some of the benefits that Peruvian Black Maca Honey provides.

  • Energizer
  • Virility Enhancer
  • High Antioxidant
  • Adaptogenic

Get a bottle of Raw Hungarian honey with Peruvian Black Diamond Maca for your family now. It is not just nutritious but tasty and delicious too with a mix of caramel and nutty taste.

Ingredients sourced from natural and pollution free environments.


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