Leech Fat Extract Oil For Men Only (Sexual Support / External Use Only)


Leech Fat Extract Oil For Men Only (Sexual Support / External Use Only)

Ingredients in the Formula:

1. Leech Fat – 6 mg

2. Leech Oil – 6 g

3. Hirudo Medicianalis – 26 g

4. Aleurites Maluccanna – 6 g

5. Cocos Nucifera Oil – 60 ml

Benefits of Leech Fat Extract Oil For Men Only

1. Allows for a stronger and long erection.

2. Improves men’s sexual performance.

3. Lengthens period of erection.

4. Restores elasticity of nerves.

5. Improves husband and wife relationship.



Leech Fat Extract Oil For Men Only (Sexual Support / External Use Only)

This Leech oil contains enzymes of Hirudo Medicinalis (Medicinal leeches). In modern medicine, Hirudo Medicinalis (Medicinal leeches) is used to treat blood clotting in skin grafts operations and surgeries. Leech offers another benefit that is lesser known but is also important for men. Leech helps to strengthen and enlarge the male organ. Centuries ago, the Javanese people of Indonesia developed an original formula to help men improve their sexual lives. The men of Java and Malaya can have up to 4 wives and in order to maintain their sexual prowess and sexual virility, they had to come up with natural remedies to assist them achieve their quest for a good marriage. As such, they have been using a special ointment for their penis in order to maintain their sexual virility.

It is believed that the original Javanese recipe differs from the recipe that was mentioned in the Karma Sutra. The original Javanese way of producing the oil shows that the leech is mixed with other traditional herbs and cooked inside fresh green coconuts. The mixture is then boiled for a period of time over charcoals. The substance that is produced from this activity is a concentration of dark and thick oil that are highly revered by the men in the Javanese community.

The makers and masters in the art of penile enhancement have become a rare breed and the original formulas are known to a select few who have inherited the secrets from their forefathers. In the past, the oils are used and a mantra is chanted to enlarge the male’s sexual organ. One of the benefits of the oil is that it forms a layer of coating on the penis and it acts to protect the penis from being harmed by the cold of the environment which can make the organ weak.

A 60ml bottle can last for one and a half to two months at least.

You should see some permanent increase and visible effects in around 40 days. After 40 days, the gains will be reduced by about 20%. The treatment should be continued for another 1-2 cycles to further the gains until the optimum size is reached (which varies from man to man) and thereafter the gains will be permanent.

Please note that once a man reaches 60 years old, the penis, like other muscle parts start to loose mass. Continued use of this natural oil helps to maintain muscle mass. Maintenance use need not be daily. Once every 2-3 days is sufficient. The oil is not only for size gain but for the protection of the organ from deterioration.


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