Al Manna Gum Arabic Extract – Rich in Natural Prebiotic and Minerals


Al Manna is made up of Gum Arabic from Sudan. It is rich in Prebiotics and Natural Minerals.

It is able to help treat the problems below:

  1. Constipation and Intestinal problems
  2. Obesity
  3. Kidney failure and urinating problems
  4. Improves immunity
  5. Skincare benefits

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Mix Al Manna with a glass of water and drink it once or twice daily.

Manna or Gum Arabic is produced from a type of tree with the scientific name Acacia Senegal. It has been categorised by WHO/FAO as a food additive with the code E414.

The product is produced through a patented process in order to maintain the quality and purity of the Prebiotic and Calcium contained in the Gum Arabic.

It is believed that supplementing one’s diet with Prebiotic is better than medicating oneself with Antibiotic.

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