Tongkat Ali or scientifically known as Eurycoma longofolia is a tree that is native to Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia and to a certain extent to Laos and Cambodia. It is also known as the “Malaysian Ginseng” and the part of the plant that is being used for medical purposes is its roots. As a medicinal plant, the roots are a traditional “anti-ageing” remedy and the plant’s roots are also used as supplements to increase libido, enhance sports performance and even help in weight loss.


Several studies have shown that Tongkat Ali helps to improve the release of testosterone, improves the sex lives of men, helps to reduce fatigue and helps to improve overall well-being. A recent study (2013) has shown that daily supplementation with Tongkat Ali root helps to improve stress hormone profile and could be used to protect the body from chronic stress that comes from living in a modern environment. Tongkat Ali root may help to reduce everyday stress as well as stress derived from sleep deprivation, dieting and exercise training.

Large Increase in Testosterone After Consuming Tongkat Ali

Another clinical study conducted earlier (2003) tested against a placebo and the results from the study showed that the Tongkat Ali extract uses the body’s own Testosterone regulatory system to trick the body in over producing Testosterone. The test shows that there is a large increase in Testosterone levels over a 12 week period of consuming the Tongkat Ali extract. The results also show that the individuals in the test that took Tongkat Ali have a greater increase in fat free mass in the concluding stage of the study. The findings in this study shows that Tongkat Ali extract can be effectively used by individuals who suffer from low sexual desire and dysfunctions which affects their sexual performance.

Tongkat Ali Known As the Asian Viagra

There have been many reports of the benefits of Tongkat Ali to men and especially in Malaysia, Tongkat Ali have been known to be used by the local Malays to increase sexual desire, libido, sexual performance and also to treat erectile dysfunction. In fact an article in the New Sunday Time in May 1999 dubbed the plant the “Asian Viagra”.


Tongkat Ali is able to stimulate the production of Testosterone and at the same time prevents the negative feedback cycle that happens when an individual’s testosterone level reaches a natural peak. A body that has reached its natural peak sends out a signal that prevents the production of Testosterone. With the use of Tongkat Ali, a body can reverse the negative effects of this negative feedback cycle in the body. Tongkat Ali is able to block the signal sent out in this cycle. It is able to then help the body steadily increase the production Tongkat Ali and even exceed the natural level determined earlier by the body. This process leads to an increased level of Testosterone which in turn helps improve the individual’s sex drive, increase the body’s ability to build muscle and helps reduce the body fat level.


In order to understand how Tongkat Ali helps individuals with a low sex drive and more serious problems like erectile dysfunction, we now look at the factors that can cause the above problem. Problems associated with erectile dysfunction are more complex than one would want to think. There are several causes for the problem and one must understand that the problem has a basis in these main two factors: The Mind and the Body.

Stress and Its Impact on Men’s Sex Drive

Let me explain. A young healthy male can still face problems with an erection if he is facing anxiety problems. When he is too stressed out and the stress may even be caused by work or any other matters, the perfectly healthy male can still have problems maintaining that erection. In this instance we say that there is a psychological reason to his erectile dysfunction. He is just not motivated to have an erection. This is an example of a situation where a lack of sex drive is mistaken for an erection problem.

Medication and Its Impact on Men’s Sex Drive

It should be noted also that men under medication is also susceptible to erection problems. This is caused by the side effects of the drugs or medication that they are taking. A change in brand or a visit to a medical practitioner for a change of medicine will be the best way out of this problem. Men who suffer from Diabetes are also known to loss the sensitivity in their reproductive organ and this desensitising problem makes sex a less pleasant activity. There are many other medical conditions that affects a man’s sexual drive and this includes heart disease, Parkinsons disease, high blood pressure, metabolic sysndrome, multiple sclerosis, depression and even stress.

Ageing can also affect a men’s sex drive. This is due to a loss of Testosterone as men age and this will impact on their motivation to engage in sex. The experience is just not the same any more and there is less motivation to engage in the activity.


First Benefit of Tongkat Ali

First and foremost is the ability of Tongkat Ali to help the body naturally increase its production of Testosterone. This in not so many words helps the individual who uses Tongkat Ali to increase his performance in the bedroom. It gets the individual more interested in sex, improves his erection and stamina and allows him to do his part better to keep his relationship going.

Second Benefit of Tongkat Ali

Secondly, using a herbal supplement like Tongkat Ali can also help the individual improve his mood. As we have read earlier Tongkat Ali extract is able to improve the stress hormone profile and certain mood parameters. This helps the individual in fighting daily stress that can emerge due to various reasons such as work and other daily occurrences.

Third Benefit of Tongkat Ali

Third, the supplementation of Tongkat Ali, Testosterone levels improve and this has been shown to help the individual build muscle mass and at the same time lower fat levels. Hence why we see Tongkat Ali supplements being taken by athletes and body builders. A leaner and ripped body can be achieved with the use of Tongkat Ali.

Disclaimer: The information contained on this site which includes articles, excerpts, studies, etc is intended for educational purposes only. The information should not be used as a substitute for advice, diagnosis or treatment by a licensed physician. It is also not meant to cover all possible precautions, drug interactions, circumstances or adverse effects. You are advised to seek prompt medical care for any health issues that arise. You are also advised to consult your doctor before you attempt to use alternative medicine or making a change to your health and medical regimen.


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