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Vegeta – Natural Dietary Fibre Supplement with Orange Extract

Vegeta – Natural Dietary Fibre Supplement with Orange Extract


Vegeta – Natural Dietary Fibre Supplement with Orange Extract

Vegeta contains natural fibres that the body requires.

Benefits of Vegeta:

  • It will help individuals facing problem with passing motion.
  • Helps individuals that are dieting.
  • Helps reduce cholesterol levels.
  • Helps reduce the chance of getting coronary diseases.
  • Helps prevent Hemorrhoids
  • Helps in digestion

Method of use: Pour a sachet of Vegeta in a glass of water (230 ml). Drink the water containing the fully dissolved Vegeta. Drink Vegeta once a day, everyday.


Product Description

Vegeta – Natural Dietary Fibre Supplement with Orange Extract

Best taken after food.

Ingredients: Plantago ovata semini Endosperm Pulveratum, Inulin Chicory, Citrus sinensis fructus Extractum siccum, Saccharosa, Vitamin C, Aspartame,


  • Do not give to sufferers of intestinal obstruction problems such as those suffering from colitis ulcerosa or ileitis.
  • Diabetes patients.
  • This product contains Fenilalanin and should not be consumed by Phenylketonuria sufferers and pregnant women with high levels of Fenilalanin.
  • Individuals with allergy to Plantago Ovata
  • Do not consume together with medication. Take half hour to one hour after consuming the medication.
  • Individuals with pancreatic enzyme condition should not consume this product as it can affect the functioning of enzyme lipase.
  • Overuse of this product can lead to stomach bloatedness and intestinal uneasiness.
  • Can cause Oesophagus uneasiness when taken dry.


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