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MUFEED Dates Cordial (Pati Kurma Madu) – Enriched with Honey

MUFEED Dates Cordial (Pati Kurma Madu) – Enriched with Honey


MUFEED Dates Cordial (Pati Kurma Madu) – Enriched with Honey

Benefits of MUFEED Dates Cordial (Pati Kurma Madu) – Enriched with Honey: 

  1. Adds glow to the skin
  2. Help to increase the platelet count in your blood and at the same time nourishes the skin.
  3. Help to improve hair texture, smoothness and thickness
  4. Help to keep hair healthy as dates contain lots of vitamins and in particular Vitamin B.
  5. Help provide smooth labour during natural childbirth by stimulating the contraction of the wall of the uterus.
  6. Contain antioxidants and anti-cancer properties, hence making it an ideal drink for both the young and old.
  7. Helps to gain weight as dates are rich in sugar and other carbohydrates.
  8. Acts as a natural laxative as it is rich in antioxidants and can be used as a remedy for constipation problems often associated with lack of fiber intake.
  9. Contains anti-ageing properties and help fight naturally occurring free radicals in the body.
  10. Helps to reduce bad cholesterol levels as the date fruit is rich in dietary fibers that is able to help decrease LDL cholesterol (bad cholesterol) in the body.
  11. Helps to maintain healthy teeth and bone.

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Product Description

MUFEED Dates Cordial (Pati Kurma Madu) – Enriched with Honey

Ingredients of product: Dates Puree, Honey, Water, Sugar, Permitted Food Conditioner and Caramel substance.

Net weight: 1000ml


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