Jus Zuriat ANUGERAH for Women – Contains 24 Types of Herbs


Every woman wishes to have children and be a good mother. It is the maternal instinct of women to have children.

However, some are less fortunate and have not been blessed providence by the Almighty.

After having been married after so many years and after various attempts have been made, they have not met with success.

As Muslims we must be patient and must always find a way and not give up to try and put their trust in him, in order to achieve our dream.

If allowed by Him, our lives will be decorated with the sound of laughter and a crying child. In Shaa Allah.

Contents: 250 ML

Benefits of ANUGERAH Jus Zuriat for Women:

– Stabilizes hormones

– Help improve your chances of conceiving

– Help prevent birth defects

– Reduce body pain

– Provides Energy

– Prevents irregular menstrual periods

– Reduce menstrual cramps

– Improve blood circulation

– Helps prevent and alleviate problems of sagging breasts and hips

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Jus Zuriat ANUGERAH for Women contains the following herbs and plant based ingredients:

– Hawa fruit (Buah Hawa)

– Dates (Kurma)

– Honey (Madu)

– Almond (Badam)

– Henna leaves (Daun Inai)

– Melastoma Malabathricum (Senduduk)

– Andrographis Paniculata (Hempedu Bumi)

– Indonesian Bay Leaf (Daun Salam)

– Aromatic Ginger (Cekur)

– Starfish (Tapak Sulaiman)

– Paramaria Leavigata(Kayu Serapat)

– Lada Pintai

– Tahu Angin

– Kayu Mahsuri

– Temulawak

– Cinnamon (Kayu Manis)

– Clove (Cengkih)

– Black Seed (Habbatus Sauda)

– Saffron (Zaffaran)

– Peaches (Parsik)

– Mint (Pudina)

– Joram Grass (Rumput Majoram)

– Fenugreek (Halba)

– Manjakani

How to consume:

– Take 2 tablespoons each morning and evening

– Consume until pregnancy


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