Anugerah – Medicated Herbal Oil


Anugerah – Medicated Herbal Oil

Feel the curative wonder of Anugerah A Million Secrets Herbal Medicated Oil.

What can Anugerah Medicated Herbal Oil do for you?

Anugerah has combined the miracle of natural herbs and science to create cutting edge health and beauty products. See how the herbs work their magic on your health and beauty. Feel the benefit of herbal products that are infused with the scientific touch that pleases all the senses. Anugerah A Million Secret Medicated Herbal Oil combines nine herb varieties that are known to work wonders in overcoming aches and pain.

Ingredients in the Formula and their Benefits:

1. Eucalyptus oil – Relieves muscle cramps, rheumatism, flu and bronchitis.

2. Red Ginger – Helps to relieve trapped wind, increase blood flow and burns fat.

3. Lemon Grass – Acts as an antiseptic and ease muscle cramp.

4. Kaffir Lime – An aromatherapy that creates calmness.

5. Galangal – Alleviate period pain and stomach ache.

6. Mint – Relieve headache, trapped wind and premenstrual cramp.

7. Clove – Serves as an antiseptic and helps in overcoming abdominal bloating.

8. Nutmeg – Beneficial for back pain, foot ache, muscle ache and insomnia.

9. Avocado oil – Eliminate stretch marks and cellulite.

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Anugerah – Medicated Herbal Oil


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