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HealthSupplements.sg is an Online retailer of vitamins, minerals and herbal supplements and is founded by the same people who created and operate HalalMarket.sg, an online Halal Groceries Service.

You can expect the same kind of quality service and quality offerings from HalalMarket.sg on HealthSupplements.sg. We are built on the same principles to serve our customers with the best offerings and with the utmost convenience. 

We have created HealthSupplements.sg for our dear customers to purchase halal health supplements and have it delivered to their chosen address without much hassle and with a quality guarantee.

Being an online business, we are able to provide an extensive array of halal health supplements at great prices as we do not have to pay rent and any cost savings can then be passed to our customers.

Currently, there have been an increase in interest in natural halal health supplements. We have come forward to address this need and have committed ourselves to source health supplements from the four corners of the earth to meet the rising demand for halal health supplements.

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Ardy Ismail

Founder, HealthSupplements.sg and HalalMarket.sg 

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